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So today’s post isn’t really about graphics but about building an email list as I personally think everyone who has a website should be doing it.

Build An Email ListI can remember when I first started creating graphics; I used to collect email addresses and then send them free gifts or offer them great special deals on my graphics. But eventually I just stopped doing it, I can’t even remember the reasons why but I had a solid list that were very responsive because I offered them quality stuff that they could use or a big discount on my services.

I’m once again building my list as the last year I have been a bit lazy with my business I’m still getting clients regularly and keeping busy but my income has dropped to around half of what it was a few years back. This may also be down to competition picking up, people lowering their prices and more people wanting to save money and design themselves.

I felt my blog was needed to keep me on track and to help others learn and in the meantime I would be using my skills to get more clients, build a solid email list and eventually work from home full time doing what I love and that is creating graphics that wow people.

Free auto responder services like Aweber

I use to be a member of Aweber and found their service was great but because I wasn’t really using it I ended up wasting a lot of money, I also signed up for many other auto responder services, even getresponse, Imnica mail who I also loved and even hosted my own auto responder on my website.

I recently tried Listwire as it was FREE but I didn’t like the fact that under every opt-in template they have their website name which doesn’t look very professional and also when people signup to my list they are greeted by onetime offers. This just screams unprofessional and since the people signing up to my list want something I have then it’s up to me to give them value they deserve and not let Listwire send them the offers.

I ditched Listwire and now I’m with Imnica Mail Free Version which I have been a member of before but I really like there service and also their prices are great for what I need.

You can get a FREE Imnica Mail Autoresponder and it allows you to collect 1000 email addresses and since I’m new to building my list this is a perfect amount. The free version only allows you to send 6000 emails per month, so if you get all 1000 email address you can send 6 emails per month, I think this is enough and it will also mean you don’t spam them and this will mean they stay happy subscribers.

If you need more than 1000 subscribers then Imnica mail offers lots of other price plans and the 1st 30 days costs just $1. After you get 1000 subscribers you can move onto the 2500 plan which is $7 per month. Now this to me sounds perfect, you get to build your list for free and add 1000 subscribers, surly you should easily make back the $7 in a month from 1000 subscribers and then it’s just $7 for 2500 subscribers.

I just wanted to share with you a great find, if you’re not building your email list then you should start today and what better way than with Imnica mail free autoresponder.

Why have an autoresponder?

Here are the reasons why eCoverbee will be using an autoresponder; yours may be slightly different;

  • Offer discounts
  • Keep in touch with clients
  • Get advice
  • Send quality information
  • Send graphic related offers
  • Promote products I have used and benefited from and earn commissions

I was a bit hesitant to show you the last in the list but I will only ever promote products that I have fully used and tested, I know most people say this but when it comes to anything graphic related or stuff I use regularly for my business then I will share and tell you about it. Because chances are if it helps me then it may help you just as much.

If you would like to start benefiting from your email list then click here to join Imnica Mail For Free!

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